Monday, December 3, 2012

[Guide] How to watch RealLifeCam for free

Working method:

List of 20 accounts to watch RealLifeCam for free: DOWNLOAD
 Software to watch it without account: Download This

A list of reallifecam scripts

There are three ways to watch RLC for freе:
  1. Go to the website and click on the free preview - done
  2. Find your own method. - good luck.
  3. Use a script - none working atm
  4. Download THIS
How to use the script via Chrome:
  1. Go to the Chrome's Appstore and download and install Tampermonkey
  2. Go to this address and click on the install image. If you don't trust that, you can click on source control, view the source code, copy and paste it in to a new script for tampermonkley.
    Additionally you can find a few more scripts at here .
  3. Go to RLC's website and enjoy the free cams and the newly open payed cams.

How to use the script via Firefox:
  1.  Same as above, just install Greasemonkey

How to use the script without an addon. The method works for all browsers, you need to find the web console. I've explained how to do it via Firefox:
  1. Navigate to the Web console: Tools- Web Developer - Web console OR CTRL+SHIFT+K
  2. Go to RLC's website
  3. Go to the script's address (here), copy and paste the source code into the web console, where it says >
  4. Done. All should be working now

Вон вам гайд на руском по анлоку (разблокирована) камеры

To short down the post, I've moved the Questions&Answers sections here:

A working script, after all the changes with the hashesh - here!

  • Download THIS

  • Update
    Currently Lina and Mark at apartment 1 with ID cam03 with GMT+8 - Bathroom is unlocked!
    Lora and Max at apartment 2 with ID cam02 with GMT+8
    Alina and Anton at apartment 3 with ID cam01 with GMT+8
    Olga and Sergey at apartment 4 with ID cam04 with GMT+8 <- they got a cat!
    Nora and Kiko (which forever will remain Nastya and Zheko for me) at apartment 5 with ID cam5 with GMT+1
    Gia and Ian at apartment 6 with ID cam06 and GMT+1 <- NEW!
    Ana and Danna at apartment 7 with ID cam07 and GMT+1 )

    You can find plenty of pictures and videos of all of them on the web.

    Currently active acc:
    pаsw: wassim12345678


    Holland said...

    active acc. not disponible

    Anonymous said...

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    dimitris mylonas said...

    i cant paste the source code :/

    dimitris mylonas said...

    i cant paste the source code :/

    Anonymous said...

    do it here said...

    i still got problem from that source
    thank you very much