Thursday, April 26, 2012

[Fix] MoP beta - Crash fix for build 15640

Modified Wow.exe with most common crash in recent beta build fixed: Download

Lets hope blizzard won't miss NULL pointer checks next time.
Creator: TOM_RUS (mangos founder)
Original topic: here  and also here(ru).
Blue posts  about it: here

This fix fixes the stability issues in the 15640 MoP Beta build.

As far as I know the issue with the bad stability and missing pointer is fixed in the 15650 build. Just patch up your client. If you see all realms red, in means that you need to patch your wow client to the latest build, just run launcher.exe. If you get any error, just read any of my other blog posts on how to fix that.

The problem should have been fixed in Build 15650.

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