Friday, June 28, 2013

[Guide] Biggest MoP Secrets and tricks of becoming the best among the best

Have you wondered what is hiding in the latest mist of pandaria patch?
What makes this expansion so unique and so cool?
Which spots deserve to be seen even if its only to brag infront of your friends?
Have you wanted to get all strategies at one place for pvp/arenas/instances and also gold farming locations?
Tired of trying useless outdated guides?

Well get the MistOfPandaria-Secrets (click here) video guides!

MoP Secret Guide

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What you get:
Never before step by step detailed explanation guide:
-instance grinding
-bg/arena farming
-rare mounts, vanity items, etc.
-getting ALL achievements ingame
-becoming realm's most wealthy character
-dominating the auction house
-unique boss fight scenarios
-leveling all of your professions
-best monk and goblin guides, created in months!
[Bonus]: endless updates 

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top 10 Highest Paying AdSense Keywords - 2013

Below is a list of the Top 10 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords for 2013 or in other words - the highest CPC adsense keywords for 2013 so far.

Keyword                                                           CPC
Mesothelioma Lawyer firm $345.04
Mesothelioma charities $325.28
Mesothelioma Law Firm California $322.64
San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Attorney $320.76
Motorcycle Accident Attorney San Nernardino  $318.08
Tennessee Mesothelioma Lawyer $284.12
Atlanta Mesothelioma Lawyers $277.03
Tennessee Mesothelioma Attorney $264.48
Massachusetts Mesothelioma Lawyer $261.64
Mmesothelioma Attorney Illinois $256.35

List was last updated: 5. May 2013

Disclaimer: The report is found from SpyFu, it's not from my own personal experience!

You surely can insure yourself a steady financial income if you have publishers from law firms or insurance companies on your site, generating high profit daily.
Another highly payed word would be ebay. Amazon as well.

How to insure that income?

Simple: write articles containing those keywords. Articles about lawyers, renting or selling cars, life or just any type of insurances, finances and just money driven niches in general always bring a high revenue. Of course you need to insure that you have a steady flow of visitors to your site or else you will not gain any profit. Also the advertisements must be placed correctly following and guidelines and laws of AdSense.

Why are these ones so high payed?

The ones listed above are worth so much money because there are a lot of law firms, a lot of law firms offering lawyers, a ton of car rental and car service companies as well as a ton of insurance companies. In such a viral world with a business worth millions everyone wants to be on the top to earn the most. On another hand, there aren’t that many articles for law firms or car insurance firms. Sure, a blogger or a dedicated site could mention them, but they are very competitive.
There is another thing. When displaying a series of advertisements, like the ones in the right sidebar, the one displayed at the top of the list, or even – the top of the page, is the one with the highest CRC. So if you set a high CRC, or even – highest, you will be at the top of every web page which has AdSense advertisements.

What to do to earn those money?

You can create a blog entirely for cars, lawyers, insurances, help from lawyers, geico and similar stuff.
Just go by the idea: if a business is worth millions of millions of dollars – then you, with Google AdSense, will also earn a bit of cash. You won’t become a millionaire, but you won’t, or at least – shouldn’t, live on the street.
An evergreen niche is also Forex trading - with the fond and stock market rising by each day, driving the world's money and wealth, the  prices for such adverts can be huge.
You can read more about CPC, AdSense and earning money by maximizing your profit at

Thursday, May 2, 2013

[Guide] How to enable Pirate Mode in SotA

A guide on how to reach a hidden Pirate Mode in the battleground SotA and  invade ships!

I am sharing a fun/cool exploit that I found in Strand of the Ancients which allows you to get in the enemy ship before the game even starts.

1. Water walking of some kind (Path of Frost and Water Walking buff work best).
It can be done without water walking but it's not going to be as fun.
2. Gather as many people as you can (5+ for best results).

1. Rally the troops (non-literal speech) and mount up. Make sure everyone has and will have water walking. Follow one of these paths:

2. Wait for the ship to show up in the distance, let it get closer.

3. When the ship is about to reach your location, start running into it and JUMP into the front of it. (you HAVE TO jump into the nose of the ship, not the sides.)

4. Voila, you are in. Climb the stairs and let the boarding begin.

5. For best results, grab a pirate costume or a deviate fish delight. Lulz.

I found this explĐžit (I don't even know if this is 100% an exploit, I guess the fact that you can get into the ship is) while grinding honor with my friends.

Anyhow, have fun!
source: ownedcore