Friday, June 28, 2013

[Guide] Biggest MoP Secrets and tricks of becoming the best among the best

Have you wondered what is hiding in the latest mist of pandaria patch?
What makes this expansion so unique and so cool?
Which spots deserve to be seen even if its only to brag infront of your friends?
Have you wanted to get all strategies at one place for pvp/arenas/instances and also gold farming locations?
Tired of trying useless outdated guides?

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MoP Secret Guide

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What you get:
Never before step by step detailed explanation guide:
-instance grinding
-bg/arena farming
-rare mounts, vanity items, etc.
-getting ALL achievements ingame
-becoming realm's most wealthy character
-dominating the auction house
-unique boss fight scenarios
-leveling all of your professions
-best monk and goblin guides, created in months!
[Bonus]: endless updates 

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

[Guide] How to enable Pirate Mode in SotA

A guide on how to reach a hidden Pirate Mode in the battleground SotA and  invade ships!

I am sharing a fun/cool exploit that I found in Strand of the Ancients which allows you to get in the enemy ship before the game even starts.

1. Water walking of some kind (Path of Frost and Water Walking buff work best).
It can be done without water walking but it's not going to be as fun.
2. Gather as many people as you can (5+ for best results).

1. Rally the troops (non-literal speech) and mount up. Make sure everyone has and will have water walking. Follow one of these paths:

2. Wait for the ship to show up in the distance, let it get closer.

3. When the ship is about to reach your location, start running into it and JUMP into the front of it. (you HAVE TO jump into the nose of the ship, not the sides.)

4. Voila, you are in. Climb the stairs and let the boarding begin.

5. For best results, grab a pirate costume or a deviate fish delight. Lulz.

I found this explĐžit (I don't even know if this is 100% an exploit, I guess the fact that you can get into the ship is) while grinding honor with my friends.

Anyhow, have fun!
source: ownedcore

Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to earn Hearthstone Cards

Players will earn their first set of cards as soon as they start playing Hearthstone, and certain game modes and features will award additional cards through gameplay.Here are the different ways to get cards:

  • Practice Mode: Play against A.I. opponents representing different classes to unlock new heroes and basic cards.
  • Play Mode: By participating in traditional head-to-head matches, players have a chance to win card packs.
  • The Forge: Build a deck by selecting one card from each of a series of randomized card choices, and then play against other Forge participants. The cards you pick to build your deck are yours to keep—play well enough, and you could win even more. Note that you must trade in a certain number of card packs to participate in The Forge (further details to be announced later).
  • Crafting: Disenchant expert cards in your collection to receive arcane dust, and then use your collected dust to craft other cards of your choosing. Basic cards cannot be disenchanted.
  • Card Packs: Purchase card packs containing five random cards using your Balance or a variety of supported payment methods. One of the cards will always be of “rare” rarity or greater; in some cases, you may find that one or more additional cards has also “upgraded” to a higher tier of rarity.
  • Achievements: Certain achievements in the game may grant additional cards.