Saturday, December 1, 2012

A list of reallifecam scripts

This is mainly for development purposes for whoever needs it. Again, if any admin wishes these links to be taken down, just write a msg below.
I've noted the ones I knew and that have worked for me (with various of luck)  - ver. 1.0 by Unknown - ver 1.0 for greasemonkey, by o3024688 - ver 1.6.2 by chk3 - ver 1.8.4g by Uforzyx - latest source code from a payed user,  5th December 2012, after the security increase. It seems that the 'key' is randomly generated, 'expire' is a unix timestamp, and 'sign' is a hash of something.  - another list of codes.

List of 20 accounts to watch RealLifeCam for free: DOWNLOAD
 Software to watch it without account: Download This

Currently active acc:
pаsw: wassim12345678


Anonymous said...

Big Brother Russian style.
This site leave nothing to the imagination. strictly for ADULTS ONLY
Log in details
password 14061977

To open locked rooms, click on any RED lock and use log in details above

giorgos said...

nothing... error... someone to have a new script or email and password??

Anonymous said...

got a password error for the first 1