Friday, April 20, 2012

WoW betas - timeline

I found interesting information about the official "press-release" dates of the Betas so far (starting with burtning crusade, wrath of the lich king, cataclysm and now mist of pandaria) at

Mists of Pandaria A closed beta test period was announced on March 20, 2012 with invites going to Annual Pass holders, press, fansites, friends and family, and opt-in beta testers. MMO Champion may have gotten access soon after the opt-in announcement and an official announcement of the start of the Beta was released late March 21st, 2012.
Level 85 Monk premades were made available on April 8th, 2012 (likely in Patch 5.0.1 build 15544).

The servers were split into the following:
Text from

Also... fuck yea! I'm mentioned at that page :D (No, I didn't wrote it on my own)

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