Monday, August 13, 2012

[Guide] How To Install and Play World Of Warcraft Mist Of Pandaira Beta

Step One:  Download the installer.
Here are the download link

Step Two: Rename the installer to "World Of Warcraft Beta Setup" (Don't use the " "!)

Step Three: Make an Account, or if you already have a WoW Retail Account skip this, I prefer a Trail Account to play the Public Test Realms!

Step Four: Enjoy, Play, Test out new abilities, Spells, Talents and much more!

Possible errors:

Error 1: When you launch installer:
An Internal Error Occurred, Please restart. If problems persist contact customer support
SOLUTION: Rename the installer to World Of Warcraft Beta Setup

Error 2:
Unable to find streaming info for "Data\enGB\expansion4-speech-enGB.MPQ". (OpenRepackTarget::Validate)

Uninstall the Expansion, and reinstall, if that doesn't work contact blizzard.

Error 3: When you try to login you either Disconnect or it says a error:

There was a problem logging in with this account.
You may not have a World Of Warcraft game attached to your account, or you may be logging into a region different from the one you created the account in. If you continue having trouble, please contact customer support.
SOLUTION: Apperently there is no solution for that, the only solution is to wait, when you tried Mist of Pandaria before it will probably work!

This is the Quote that Blizzard said;

This is the latest response from Customer Support:

Thank you for your contact.

Unfortunately you cannot log onto the public test realm using a starter edition of World of Warcraft. You need an active retail account with actual play time to join the testing; the starter edition does not have this.

For more information on the public test realm, please see this support article:

Please let us know if you require further assistance.


Game Master Laennenah
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

Enjoy Mist of Pandaria!

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