Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Patch 5.0.4 known In-Game bugs and issues

ML bug - cant assign loot, riding bug, pet bug, proff bug, the patch is damn bugged, but read more at

Master Loot – Assigning Loot
In a raid, Master Looters cannot assign loot to characters in groups other than Group 1. To assign loot to a player in your raid, move them and the Master Looter to Group 1. The Master Looter can then assign loot after reopening the loot window.
Master Looter Promotion
In a raid, the Raid Leader cannot promote himself to Master Looter after promoting a character in a group other than Group 1. To promote himself, the Raid Leader must first promote any other character in Group 1 to Master Looter.
Requires Artisan Riding Skill
A “requires artisan riding skill” error will appear when a character does not have the correct specialty flying skill. Characters who receive this error should check that their riding specialization is correct for the area in which they are attempting to fly.

Azeroth: Flight Master’s License
Northrend: Cold Weather Flying

Inscription Ink Cost Displaying Incorrectly
Inks sold by Inscription Supplies vendors will appear to cost Ink of Dreams. These inks can still be purchased normally with Blackfallow Ink.

Cage Pet
Right-clicking on a pet in the Pet Journal and selecting Cage Pet does nothing at this time. The cage pet functionality will become available after Mists of Pandaria launches.

Profession Recipe Duplication
When characters travel into a Cross-Realm Zone, recipes in their profession window will appear duplicated. Logging out and then back into the game will cause the recipe list to appear normally.

PvP Capture Bar Does Not Appear
The PvP capture bar does not appear in certain areas such as Wintergrasp, Grizzly Hills, and Tol Barad. Objectives can still be captured normally. However there is no visual indicator of capture progress.

Mac OS X
The Mac OS X client will lock up if it is closed with the Close Window button in the upper left during character creation.

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