Monday, August 13, 2012

Play WoW: MoP on Retail (blizzard) for Free!

So I notice a lot of people don't even know that you can play retail for free these days,so I thought I'd let them know it's possible.

Blizzard has implemented this new Trial Account system,where you can level until you hit 20 and the only thing that happens then is...your xp get's cut off.So you can keep playing for ever.

While there are massive restrictions to those accounts:
No guilds
No talking in trade channels
No auction house
No trading
No mail
10 g gold limit
No whispering people that are not on your friends list

People seem to ignore the fact that there is an entire F2P community on Aerie Peak US,Doing RBattlegrounds,premades,arenas and well some of them might just help you gear up

All you need to do is download the F2P Chat Addon,which will automatically join the f2p chat channel once you log in,and add all the online twinks to your friends list so you can /w them.


Basically, it's the old 10days trial accounts made permanent.

Have fun.

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