Monday, January 28, 2013

[Guide] Quick Golden Lotus Dailies - Finish two without fighting

This requires having flying in Pandaria.
They are for the daily quests:

Acts of Cruelty
Rescue 5 Golden Lotus Guards or Mistfall Villagers.
Torture victims rescued (5)

Free Spirits
Enter Spirit Vortexes and free 15 pandaren spirits inside.
Free Captive Pandaren Spirits (15)
Provided item:
Shao-Tien Spirit Dagger

Make sure you are mounted up, and for Acts of Cruelty, just aggro the Mogu that is strangling the Golden Lotus guard. The minute he aggro's you will gain credit for saving the golden lotus guard, and can simply fly up and away to the next one. Easy way to get the daily done.

The same can be done for Free Spirits, when you enter that spirit realm, mount up. Fly to the captive spirits, and when a hostile npc aggro's you, just fly up. The mob will actually despawn, allowing you to continue freeing the spirits. Best part is you can free the spirits while mounted to make it even faste

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