Tuesday, February 5, 2013

strix's Ultimate Interrupter ver.3.3

strix's Ultimate Interrupter

It's plugin that will interrupt enemy spellcasts based on WoW's internal "UnitID" targetting as HB Api's spells tracking pretty much does not work for more than current target.

I dropped support for playing by hand within plugin, since there are other tools available for that now (botbases/ccs doing nothing).

Everything except spells used to interrupt is configurable with GUI (settings menu).

  • stop current cast to interrupt - will abandon your current spellcast to interrupt enemy
  • interrupt every spellcase - interrupt every cast/channel not crosschecking with database
  • ms left to finish casting - how much time left on cast to interrupt it? In milliseconds (1 second = 1000 milliseconds),
  • ms elapsed on channeling - how long should it let enemy channel to interrupt it? In milliseconds (1 second = 1000 milliseconds),
  • debug mode - developer setting for debugging, usually does exactly nothing 
Database editing:
I know many weird things happen there and sometimes it's pain to edit, but it works.

Status - is it crosschecked with database or not? Use Verify buttons at the bottom
Del - mark row for deletion, then press Remove One/All buttons at the bottom of window

Tag Groups:
  • Tag Group ID - identificator of group
  • Include - should these be interrupted?
  • Exclude - entirely disable interrupting of these? Overrides include setting,
  • Aliases - self explaining, also if you put other group's identificator, all of it's aliases will be added here, do not use space in between aliases, just commas!
  • Spell Name, Spell ID - self explaining,
  • Include - same as Tag Groups setting,
  • Tag Groups attached - to which tag groups spell belongs? You can put aliases here, they will be automatically changed to IDs. Do not use space in between, just commas!
  • extract into Honorbuddy\Plugins\
  • check settings
Files explanation:
  • InterrupterUltimate.cs, InterrupterUltimate.DataManagement.cs, InterrupterUltimate.Helpers.cs, InterrupterUltimate.Settings.cs, InterrupterUltimate.SpellTracker.cs - cores file, don't ever touch these
  • InterrupterUltimate.Spells.cs - portable - interrupting spells, file to keep up with WoW patches, editable for people with HB Api knowledge,
    see here to see how to restrict targets for each interruption spell
  • InterrupterUltimate.Database.txt - portable - database file generated upon first launch and updated after each update with menu,

Download: HERE 

Adding new spell (walk-through):
Go to Wowhead.com

Now open InterrupterUltimate.Database.cs:

All credits go to Strix from TheBuddyForum. Source content.

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