Thursday, March 28, 2013

Patch 5.3 - New Scenario Steps

Blood in the Snow

  • The Mountaineers - Contact the Dark Iron Mountaineers atop Shimmer Ridge and find a way to stop the storm.
  • Save Scout Stonebeard - Slay the trolls cooking Scout Stonebeard and free him.
  • Save Scout Boldbrew - Slay the trolls trying to cook Scout Boldbrew.
  • Save Scout Forgefellow - Slay the trolls about to sacrifice Scout Forgefellow.
  • The Cold Cave - Slay the elemental spirit in the ice cave to end the snowstorm.
  • Victory or Death - Join Moira's forces, slay the Zandalari leader, and captures the Frostmane village.
Dark Heart of Pandaria
  • Talk to the Boss - Speak with Grizzle Gearslip.
  • Rock Grinding - Destroy the greater elemental ravaging the Big Blossom Mine.
  • Time is Money - Finish gathering the archaeology fragments from the dig site.
  • End of the Mine - Travel deep into Big Blossom Mine and blast open the wall.
  • Heartbreak - Destroy the Echo of Y'Sharrj.
The Secrets of Emberdeep
  • Infiltration - Breach the main chamber and stop the mongrel forces.
  • Reconnaissance - Investigate the main chamber.
  • The Sealed Gate - Help Ticker build a device to open the next gate.
  • Holdout - Defend the Gob Squad while Patch establishes an escape route.
  • Egress - Escape with the Gob Squad.
Battle on the High Seas
  • Boarding Party! - Protect the Ship! Defeat the Horde Boarding party.
  • Explosives Acquisition - Steal Explosives from enemy Demolitionists.
  • To Smithereens! - Plant explosives on the Alliance Ship to destroy it!
  • Defeat the Admiral! - Defeat Admiral Hodgson.

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