Sunday, May 6, 2012

WoW: MoP - probable Sandbox

Well I find out today an awesome preview of Mist of Pandaria Beta, in something which resembles a sandbox (private) server, altough the title of the video says otherwise.

What is a sandbox server?
Sandbox server is usually for a private use and it contains no NPCS (meaning you can't kill anything, you can't take quests, there are no mobs and so on), however, you have full access to all of the mist of pandaria maps (i've shown some of the names in this blog already) and you can spawn pretty much every creature and game object, see each new territory, new instance and so on.

So, the question now is 'who did the allegedly first 5.0.1 Beta private server and when can we expect it's public release'. The only info we have is the uploader's name - manu05a. I somehow assume that this is done either by the Machinima developers or the MMO-Owned community. Originally I found the clip posted on the ownedcore forums.

Regarding the strange writing 'MANTIS' at the end of the video, that is a zone, it's not done by the video maker (at first I thought it's his credentials as many others did). Proof:

Anyway, for now enjoy this amazing footage of the new world of warcraft expansion and the awesome trance music (The Blizzard - Piercing the Fog (Original Mix) (Download) ) :)

PS: yes, I'm aware that there were rumors about some WoW: MoP Alpha F&F (Friends and Family) alpha, but it was for some early pre-Beta build. And yes, I'm aware of the title of the video. I can read (and write, badly, but still), hence this post.


Actually months a go I saw what it is, just never edited the post. Actually it's an exploration video, the guy recorded all new places in the beta which, as usual, have no creatures spawned yet. It's not a sandbox, it's not on a private server, it's nothing like that.


Kristoof said...

Hi, where i can download the asndbox?

Bloo (Admin) said...

Sadly, no idea.
I don't think the source code is public and i doubt there is any repack of of it.
Furthermore, the development of all Mist of Pandaria Beta Sandboxes is frozen since months :/ Maybe soon after the last beta release or the first official release there will be a sandbox or better yet - an emulated server.