Thursday, April 12, 2012

Current progress with WoW MoP Beta Servers/Sandbox

So far all that I've found about the current progress is that on one hand you have people like Crommon who have managed to made a primitive sandbox with which you can go to the character creation and customisation screen (See video)

And on another hand there are people who are trying to run an actual server, based on StrawberryCore (link below) and the main contributor so far is Fabi (link below). The main problems currently remain:
* finding all of the needed OP_CODES client<->server
* creation a proper map_extractor for MoP MPQ Data files
* getting all of the needed MAPs, DBCs and VMAPs, even doh for a sandbox you're not 100% necessary to all of them.
* Creating and populating a MoP World SQL DB. WoWDB is working rapidly in to creating a good enough DB. Many contributors and alone-developrs are also working daily on that.

A great help is any packet sniff&dump, Cache folder data, WTF folder data and so on.

StrawberryCore- (A 4.3.3 private server emulator core)
Fabi's Core - (A 5.0.1 private server emulator core BETA)

More inf:o:,, FluffyFrenchy

It's only a matter of time now ;)

Edit 5. September 2012:

development is not dead just slow.
-we had login working few patches ago, (fabi fixing it)
-monk / panda support
-chi and new power types added (only chi is 100%)
-updated enums for MOP
-scenario map type support
-Twin peaks (mod of WS), battle for guineas (mod of AB), ctf3 (mod of WS) <- done.
-silvershard mines and temple of komagu still in dev.
-tol'vir arena scripted (just needs testing)
-new instances (basic support enter and leave instance)

with mop going up on live servers now should see development pickup

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