Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The pandaren race dances in Mist of Pandaria [Beta] + Origin of the dances

Finally, blizzard decided to add in the latest Beta build (15668) the racial dances for the pandaren class
Here are videos showing the dancing pandas and the origin of the mentioned dances.

The female Pandaren dance is the famous Caramell Dansen dance...


The male Pandaren dance is a copy of the famous pop-dance called 'shufflin'. Just by watching it I can hear the song "Every day I'm shufflin' " in my head...


And here is a good retrospective video, a mix of both dances.

My thoughts about this? LOL, EPIC WIN OFC! :D But srsly, the panda female dance is kawaii, and yes, all of you panda haters who think that the hordes shouldn't be cute and fuzzy... go check the female blood elfs. Topic closed.

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