Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to: Arena exploit to get higher rating

-Queue on a same mmr at the same time (If u wait longer than 1 1/2 mins reQueues)
-The winning team have to wait.
-And here the others team way: Ater the arenajoin, step forward, log out, log in, and wait for the reQue.(dosnt work without the step! so dont forget it.)
-Push it to the limit.

This bug is that you do not lose MMR if you /afk out of an arena match. To do so do a macro with /script Logout()
Team rating and Personal rating are granted based on the MMR of the team you're fighting against. If you have two teams and one of them consistently /afk's out, you can boost your rating as high as you like (there is no limit)... 

proof of concept:

PS: this is a huge arena exploit that blizz should fix asap...