Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to restart a pet-battle! Never lose a rare again!

*Wandering around in Terrokar Forest looking for the rare of my dreams, a rare Flayer Youngling*

As i saw the pet icon on the map i swiftly flew over to him, to my amusement i saw that it was a rare one!
As i started to dps him down with my snake, i rapidly realized that my dot would kill him if i missed this trap.
And ofcourse, my trap missed. In pure frustration i logged out, hoping it would reverse the battle.
As i got in, i saw the Flayer Youngling walking around my feet. I attacked him and i saw that it was the rare one, the exact same team and the exact same stats and hp.
I picked another pet and i captured him with ease! . So i decided to share it with everybody here, seeing a rare pet die infront of your eyes is not very fun, especially if you've camped it for hours.

Good luck with your adventures in Azeroth and thank you for taking the time to read my post(: