Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is RLC - Q&A

A list of reallifecam scripts

* What is RLC?
-, a website for bored ppl to watch other boring people do boring stuff.

*How can I watch RealLifeCam for free? 
With a free username and password:

List of 20 accounts to watch RealLifeCam for free: DOWNLOAD
 Software to watch it without account: Download This

* From where can I get the script?
- Various places. Most scripts usually get first to pastebin and then at
Here you can find a list of scripts:

* Why did you wrote this guide?
- The administrator (Sergey) is already well aware of this issue and is taking has took measures. All of this will be is useless in a couple of hours/days/weeks as of now. Also, they got a ban system now.

* Some cams don't work at all, why is that?
- The script is not flawless and is sometimes outdated. The admin changes the algorithm and the web content occasionally. Also, sometimes the servers are busy or restarting or the people (or as I like to call them, Sims) have shitty internet.

*What does the script give access to?
- Everything payed, such as bathroom(s), bedroom(s), etc.

* After viewing some of the cams they freeze and I get an error and I can no longer view anything at all.
- If its error 201, read this article. If not, read it anyway. Protip: CTRL+F5.
- All I see is "Access denied: Illegal access. You are banned ( "
   => This means that you're banned (congratulations! Read below...).

* I don't know programming, what is this script?
- Most are written in HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ajax.Learn those languages or ask a friend developer.

*I got banned. What do I do now?
- Buy a membership and email their support
- Just click on the X. You will be able to continue viewing the current cam for a brief moment.
- Disable the script, reload the page, click on any cam, enable the script, reload the page again.

* The script doesn't does a thing to me. I'm DE/IT.
- Change everything from to or in the source code.

* I heard there are usеrnames and pаsses. What do they do?
- They are a silly joke. No one would share their passes. At least I wouldn't.

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