Sunday, January 6, 2013

[Guide] Get 100% Crit chance (rogues primary)

If your main char is a rogue and you just want to crit like no one else, then you must've been always looking for a way on how to crit-cap yourself to the maximum, right? Then keep reading.
Oh, and this is not a cheat, not an exploit, not a bug abuse, it's clever use of game mechanics and afaik its usable in MoP 5.2.x

The whole idea is to have daggers which have proc chance with huge crit increase. Yes your damage may be lowered, as well as your other stats, but overall it's amazing. After all it's great for PvP burst damage, so I recommend using it. It's the same as that low level silencing sword from gnomeregan or w/e it was.

An awesome video showing you how to obtain 100% crit chance and 100% hit chance as a rogue. Hopefully for those of you who shelved your rogue, you might have a reason now to start playing them again. This neat trick is usable anywhere. Hope you enjoy everyone!

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