Saturday, January 5, 2013

WoW Exploits - Rollback - DC Players - Dupe

Presented by The VoTuUS

*updated with new video, a guy from RAoV hacked the VoTuUS youtube page, deleted all vids*

Omo here with a new exploit. Rollback, disconnect other players, and an Incomplete Dupe!

You will need Inscription and Milling.
(Turn off auto loot)
1. Mill a stack of 5 herbs.
2. During the cast pick the stack up.
3. When the loot frame opens up put the stack down to it's original spot.
4. Shift click and pickup 1 herb from another stack and add it to the milled herb.
*You now have a bugged herb that you can Vendor and Rollback, Trade to a player and make them disconnect, and help figure out to make this Incomplete Dupe work.*

proof of concept

When something like this becomes main stream Blizzard assigns two task to be completed. Their anti-cheat department (Which consist of 7-9 programmers) are told to develope a way to detect it, and their development is told to fix it. The first thing I would imagine they do is to develop something to scour sever logs for creating cards, they will input some small integer like minimum of 10 and you get flagged, then they will begin to narrow it down. Also they keep track of gold income and they will pursue that route. There will be A LOT of perm bans handed out, (Some people, myself not excluded have abused this far pass what would be considered an acceptable loss). The accounts I used, I 100% expect to be perm banned. A lot of temp bans for the people who were trying to work this out and never really got it off the ground. Maybe made several decks top? I am curious to see how they handle this from a PR standpoint. This is definitely one of the most publicly exploited mechanics I have seen in years, pretty much everyone has heard about it, prob 30% know how to do it. My server, decks/trinks are down to 25% of what they were yesterday. Not including people like me with still another 100+ decks to sell. It's going to be a massacre, and it will be a glorious one.
If you have multiple stacks of 11 ink (and scrolls if you plan on making more than 19 per DC) in your inventory you can make multiple cards per DC. When crafting, it uses the materials closest to the top of your inventory. So you start with multiple stacks of 11 ink all lined up, and once each stack of 11 is used, you move the 1 remaining ink further down in your bag below your other stacks of 11 ink. Rinse and repeat. Same goes for scrolls, except you can make up to 19 cards before having to shuffle your scrolls.

 What I guess his set up is like this.
#Inks in stack are indicated as a number

11 11 11 11
craft card
1 11 11 11
11 11 11 1
craft card
1 11 11 1
11 11 1 1

etc. At least that's what I guess he means. 

All credits for these comments go to the forum users at ownedcore

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