Wednesday, January 2, 2013

[Guide] Incredibly fast leveling with mob tagging!

Also known as 'Sha Leveling - Furious Sprites - Mob Tagging'

What You Need:

- Char Level 85 - 90
- Sha Spawn Location
- Group of friends, Pref level 90!

When sha spawns, he spawns adds called Furious Sprite's that have 814k HP. So what you wanna do is tag them and get your friends to kill them. Upon their death, providing you tagged them you will get 88k Exp per kill rested. They respawn stupidly fast, they drop Jewelcrafting patterns, Motes of harmony and Windwool cloth.

Now, from 85 - 90 is 97.5 million exp.. so..

97500000/88000 = 1108 Kills.. (If rested. 2216 if not) The time it takes is down to you.

Furious Sprites (FS) spawn only when the Sha of Anger is near the gate to Valley of Eternal Blossom (coord 51.2 - 87.6). Every Sha's spawn point has a different type of creatures that spawn with Sha. Don't try it on another location, other creatures kill you in a blink of an eye, even if you are 90's.
You can recognize 4 minor FS spawn points around the Sha area, try to stay between two of these, better the two behind SoA (more distance from SoA = avoid unintentional pull).
FS melee hit is really hard even for those who wear plates (if you're tank you can take a bunch of them without problem past lvl85 with 410+ gear) but they continuously cast Rage Bolt. The damage is ridiculous so don't interrupt them.
Use Battle Standard of Coordination every 10 minutes and don't go too far away from it. Exp output is insane.
They drop a good amount of green, JC recipe and Mote of Harmony. Make space in your bags before you start grinding, they spawn quickly after dying and the risk is an endless combat.

EXP Gain per kill: I don't remember how much experience give @85 but i'm sure that...

88k+ @86 (Rested/Standard)
100k+ @87 (Rested/Standard)
120k+ @88 (Rested/Standard)
150k+ @89 (Rested/Standard)

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