Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to do a million damage with a mage in Mist of Pandaria

Want to be the best spell caster class in Mist of Pandaria? Then just get Intricate Wand! and you will own like a pro! The so called "70k wand" is too overpowered and will be eventually nerfed.

Intricate Wand
Binds when equipped
Ranged                                       Wand
576 - 1071 Fire Damage             Speed 1.70
(484.4 damage per second)
<Random enchantment>
Requires Level 83
Item Level 364 
Equip: Increases spell power by 70282.

Intricate Wand - the 70 000 spellpower weapon
Intricate Wand Screenshot
This pretty much classifies is at the best mage/warlock/priest wand...ever. Oh and how Swifty rants about it, it's priceless. He has a (major) point doh.

It's equivalent is Gemmed Wand, Bejeweled Wand, Grummle Wand, Shamantic Wand, Immaculate Wand, Sorrowmurk Wand, Thondroril Wand, Nethander Wand, Sishir Wand

How to get it? I've heard they drop off of monkeys at the human starting location and the drop rate is fairly good. Doh that may be just a rumor, since from what i see at the loot table of the wand it seems that it has a pretty low drop rate from almost every Elite mob.

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